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"Working with WoodsCamp to connect landowners to information and local professionals is an exciting new way to promote healthy and productive forests for our State"

- Chris Erwin, Director of Southern Conservation for the American Forest Foundation

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We analyze millions of data points to understand your forest so you can get immediate insights about options suited to your land.

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Use our tools to continue learning about the plants, waterways, and wildlife you can protect while enjoying the benefits from your land.

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All information regarding you and your
land will be kept private and secure.

What is WoodsCamp?

WoodsCamp is an internet tool that helps private woodlot owners in the United States connect with programs, services, and professionals to help them care for their land.

By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a FREE personalized report highlighting opportunities matched to your goals and the conditions in the forest.


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We match you with opportunities that are available on your land. Funding may be available from certain partners to help you revitalize your forest to achieve your goals.

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